Word Counter

Count Characters, Words, Sentences and Paragraphs

How To Use This Word Counter?

In this section, you can learn how to use this tool for counting characters, words, sentences and paragraphs.

Steps To Use The Word Counter

  1. Enter or paste the text in the editor box.
  2. As you type in the editor, counts of words, characters, sentences and paragraphs will be displayed automatically.
  3. Also, this tool will display the key density details. You can find the top words, one word, two words and three words densities in the text that you entered.
  4. Use the Clear button to clear either input.
  5. Use the Clear All button to clear both input and output details.
  6. Use the Calculate button to calculate the word counter statistics and key density details manually.

What Are The Word Counter Statistics Available?

  1. Words: Number of words.
  2. Unique Words: Number of unique words which occurs only one in the whole text entered.
  3. Characters (With Whitespace): Number of characters including whitespaces.
  4. Characters (Without Whitespace): Number of characters without whitespaces.
  5. Sentences: Number of sentences which is separated by a full stop or a punctuation mark.
  6. Paragraphs: Number of paragraphs which consists of many sentences and separated by new-line character.

What Are The Key Density Details Available?

  1. Top: List of top words (one, two or three) that occur most in the entered text.
  2. One: List of single words that occur most.
  3. Two: List of two words that occur most.
  4. Three: List of three words that occur most.

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